Aphrodite LaFont
Well, it felt more confusing - more emotional - more jumbled up.
— Aphrodite in Untamed. Page 37

Visions is the affinity to see tragic events before they happen. It is one of the many affinities in the House of Night Series

Vampyres/Fledglings with Visions AffinityEdit



Aphrodite has a vision of the Red Fledglings attacking Heath in the tunnels and she also has a vision of Zoey's grandmother and other people on the bridge falling into the water and dying.


Aphrodite has a vision of two death visions of Zoey; one was were a Raven Mocker slit her throat and was alone and the other was drowing in a lake with Stark standing over her in another.  She also had a vision of Sylvia Redbird with a poem in her hands about Kalona and wrote it down during her vision, but it was in Sylvia's handwriting. 


Aphrodite has a vision of the Vampyre High Council and Neferet walks in.  Vampyres and humans are also burning in a wheat field while Zoey and Kalona make out.  Zoey stops making out with Kalona and Aphrodite thinks she sees Zoey kill Kalona.  Zoey stops Kalona by disintergrating him like he exploded.  The vampyres and humans stop burning when Kalona is gone. 

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