The Vampyre High Council is the council in charge of all vampyres. The High Council has seven members, all of them females.  The High Council is comprised of seven of the wisest and most ancient High Priestesses alive today. The High Priestess of the High Council is the High Priestess of all vampyres.  No member can hold the office consecutively. The council members are from all over the world, and are known for their wisdom.

The High Council was created by the late High Priestess, Lilith, by calling all of the High Priestesses along with their warriors and consorts to form the High Council during the ninth century. The High Council elects a new High Priestess every three to four hundred years as stated by Damien in HuntedThe first High Council was placed on the island of Capri, but move and first settled in Florence during the explosion of Mount Vesuvius. In 639 A.D.,they finally moved to San Clemente Island. The most decorated, powerful and experienced Warriors are always chosen to protect the Vampyre High Council and the San Clemente Island House of Night.

The Vampyre High Council had the Gathering which they led a discussion on the direction vampyre society should take in the new century wherein inventions, science and technology would advance at an unheard-of rate. The Gathering consisted of High Priestesses and their warriors. In the past, the High Priestess would go to the port at New Orleans, along with many other High Priestesses for the Atlantic Crossing.

Known MembersEdit

Known High PriestessesEdit


Lilith was the first High Priestess on the High Council, making her High Priestess of all vampyres.  She is mentioned in The Fledgling Handbook 101 and created the High Council in the ninth century.  It is unknown how and when she died. 


Shekinah was the High Priestess on the High Council, making her High Priestess of all vampyres. She is introduced in Untamed, the fourth House of Night Series novel, but it is assumed that she was the High Priestess in the three books previous also. Shekinah was killed by Neferet, Queen Tsi Sgili, at the end of Untamed.


Duantia is the vampyre who takes the position of High Priestess on the High Council after Shekinah's death. She is introduced in Tempted.

Building description Edit

The San Clemente Palace is really old and made of stone. The palace has unbelievably high ceilings and chandeliers. There is also huge wooden doors and huge hallways. There is also a side parlor with a chaise with a coffee table next to it. There are also well-upholstered chairs in the room. There is also an archive in the palace.

The High Council's meeting place is a cathedral next to the palace. They gutted out the cathedral except for enormous light fixtures that hang on thick bronze chains from the ceiling. There is also circular seating in tiers and carved seven marble chairs that sits side by side on the granite floor. There are also stained-glass windows with a representative of Nyx, arms upraised holding a crescent moon between her hands and a pentagram close to her and the four class emblems. There is also one of Kalona, his wings fully extended and his naked body, muscular, bronzed and powerful. There is also stone stairs and an amphitheater-like space with seats near the floor.

The palace on Capri is an old, stone castle with candlelit bedchambers and a castle courtyard. The dungeon was carved centuries ago from the rocky earth that makes up the Isle of Capri. The dungeon is located at the bottommost level of the castle and has torch-lit hallways. The castle also has stone steps. The castle rooftop has an ornately carved marble bench that rested near the edge of the castle's rooftop. The rooftop has a truly magnificent view of the glistening Mediterranean Sea.

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