The Vampyre High Council is the council in charge of all vampyres. The High Priestess of the High Council is the High Priestess of all vampyres.  The High Council was created by the late High Priestess, Lilith, by calling all of the High Priestesses along with their warriors and consorts to form the High Council during the ninth century.  The High Council have seven members, all of them females.  The High Council elects a new High Priestess every three to four hundred years as stated by Damien in HuntedThe first High Council was placed on the island of Capri, but moved to San Clemente Island, Venice,  in 79 A.D. during the explosion of Mount Vesuvius. The most decorated, powerful and experienced Warriors are always chosen to protect the Vampyre High Council and the San Clemente Island House of Night.

Known Members of the Vampyre High CouncilEdit

Known High Priestesses of the Vampyre High CouncilEdit


Lilith was the High Priestess on the High Council, making her High Priestess of all vampyres.  She is mentioned in The Fledgling Handbook 101 and created the High Council in the ninth century.  It is unknown how and when she died. 


Shekinah is the High Priestess on the High Council, making her High Priestess of all vampyres. She is introduced in Untamed, the fourth House of Night Series novel, but it is assumed that she was the High Priestess in the three books previous also. Shekinah was killed by Neferet, Queen Tsi Sgili, at the end of Untamed.


Duantia is the vampyre who takes the position of High Priestess on the High Council after Shekinah's death.
She is introduced in Tempted.

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