• ZeoyRedbird

    Zeoy Redbird

    September 8, 2012 by ZeoyRedbird

    I am Just a 16 year old girl with a normal life as i thought but when i was at school with my friend Kala she was saying something but then everything went black when i woke up i was still in the same place but Kala yelled that i was maked and that i was on of the other creatures"Vampy".Later on i had the coughs and when i was in my Grandma Redbirds lavender farm.I was trying to finder but then evertime i was walking i could see spirits of the tribe.Grandma saw me it the ground that i fell and now i met the goddess NYX.When i woke up i was at som,e school called The House of Night .This lady named Nerfret came in and said thanks to my Grandma.The next thing i was doing was Being huged by a bunch of people that was so happy iwas ok.Erik a s…

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