I just recently started reading the House of Night series, and I have to admit I love love love these books already! I can totally relate to Zoey's situation with her parents. My Cherokee bloodline has kept me connected to the old ways, but yet some how still in the new ways. Being a new student is always hard. I've been a new student more times than I can count, although I've never changed species before. I would so not want to see what she saw going on between Aphrodite and Erik! Ew she's nasty when it comes down to stuff like that! I mean right in the middle of a hall way? So ugh. But anyways finding out that you have an affinity for Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and SPIRIT! Is just like totally amazing. Plus not only being the first fledgling or vampyre to have an affinity for all 5 elements and having Marks no fledgling or vampyre has ever had is like super cool. I would love to have Marks like that. I've even told myself that when I get older, I'm going to get the Marks as tattoos down my back and maybe even my arms, too. Freaking amazing how she also kicked some ghosts asses to save her human ex boyfriend, Heath, and the totally cute Erik. Welp, that's it for now! I'll post another blog when ever I finish the next book, again!

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