I think back on the very first day I read Marked for the very first time. It was October 31, 2009, yes I know Halloween thats how I remember it. My step-mom bought the book she read it first and when her and my dad came to get me and my sister and take us out to trick-or-treat, and when I got home I started reading it and it was almost midnight and I was just ending chapter 4 so I just finshed the chapeter. It is the ONLY books I would read. I soonly became obsessed with the series. My friends would say it was stupid and pointless, but never read the series so how would they know, right? So I just let them believe what they wanted. When Stevie Rae rejected the change I also was dealing with a death in my family, someone really close to me, and it made me understand what it is like to lose your best friend. At first I was Team Erik, as the series continued I get to Untamed and fall in love with Mr. James Stark. The way Stark is described and his instant connection with Zoey right before he died. Even now if I was to re-read Untamed I will cry once again. I try to make myself believe that things in the books cant happen but some of it can Best Friend drama, Guy Problems, and even enemies becoming your friend. You can turn from God to the Devil like Neferet turn from the Goddess to Darkness. Anything can happen. The reason I say this is because I've delt with Best Friend Drama, I've lost many friends because they did like who I was going with. I've had guys turn their backs on me, I've had it to where I had to choose between 3 guys but none of those 3 were the right guys. I dont know when I'll Mr. Right, but I'm not to concerned on that my main focus is getting through High School. So if you ever have felt like something in the House of Night has happened somehow in your life don't be afraid to say people say I'm crazy and just obsessed. Well if that's true then why did I lose the person I call Twin and the fact that I have lost alot of people I truly care about in my life. Scared and that I'm going to be left alone with NO friends, NO one to look up to, and NO one I can trust......


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