True Sight is an affinity to read Auras of other people. Fledglings and Vampyres with this ability know about people's characters just by looking at them. However, rightness of reading depends on its bearer. This affinity was first introduced in Destined, when it was given to Shaylin Ruede. As stated by Damien, True Sight is rare gift. Actually, it hasn't appeared in centuries.

Known Auras Edit

  • Zoey Redbird - purple with silver
  • Stevie Rae - shining like firework
  • James Stark - red, gold and black; Shaylin stated it is weird
  • Aphrodite LaFonf - silver with a little bit of orange, like a candlelight
  • Shaunee Cole - red and orange like fire
  • Neferet - scary pale like dead's fish eye
  • Dallas - scary red and black, swirling like a tornado
  • Aurox - silver like moonlight
  • Thanatos - black like night sky
  • Erik - mushy peas green, turning into turquoise
  • Nicole - first red and black like other evil Red Fledglings, now pink
  • Shaylin - blue like an ocean

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