The Tower Grove House of Night is located in St. Louis, Missouri. It is the setting for most of the first House of Night novella, Dragon's Oath. It is also a setting for part of the House of Night novel Revealed.

Description Edit

The Tower Grove House of Night has French doors and presumably Pandeia's office which is a spacious, beautifully appointed room that leads to a lovely moonlight-bathed balcony which has white wicker chairs and a matching table that is laden with a crystal vase etched with a perfect crescent moon filled with fragrant red roses, alongside a silver bucket brimming with ice and a carafe of wine the color of ripe cherries. There is also stemware etched with crescent moons that match the vase on the table. There is also the main house that houses the professors' quarters and a drawing room. The High Priestess has sumptuous living quarters. The House of Night also has a kitchen with a cooling table and pantry. Professor Anastasia's old classroom had a crystal vase with a fresh sunflower in it.

The House of Night also has lush grounds that stretch on for more than two hundred secluded acres around the main campus. The House of Night has night-blooming, night-cloaked gardens which have night-blooming flowers and water features. The House of Night grounds also has a prairie and a vast acreage of land. Like every House of Night, cats roam freely around the campus. The House of Night also has a stables and buggies. The House of Night is located near the Mississippi River and bluffs. There are willows and rowans that line the high, bluff-like western bank.

Known StudentsEdit

From the House of Night SeriesEdit

From the Dragon's Oath NovellaEdit

  • Bryan "Dragon" Lankford
  • Doreen Rooney
  • Sally McKenzie
  • Isis
  • Camellia
  • Anna
  • Anya
  • Beatrice
  • Two unnamed male fledglings
  • Unnamed Leader of the Dark Daughters

Known ProfessorsEdit

From the Dragon's Oath NovellaEdit

From the House of Night Series Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The House of Night was mistakenly called the Tower Hill House of Night.
  • The Summer Games were held at the House of Night during the late nineteenth century.
  • Back in the nineteenth century, the House of Night had scullery maids.

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