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14th century ruin walls of Tigh ne Nocht

The Tigh ne Nocht was a House of Night located near Aberfoyle, Scotland. It is one of the most historic Houses of Night and the castle used to enroll fledglings from the area that is known today as the United Kingdom.


Adult vampyres in Scotland had a tradition upon entering their halls of learning to reach up and slide their fingers around the crescent and down the outer arms of the figure as they thanked Nyx and asked for her blessings.

After the Black Plague struck, iron plates, marking the class emblems, were pried from keystones and preserved, as well as wall hangings and illuminated manuscripts.


A small plate was located over a fireplace in a small room off the castle's kitchen. There it was assumed The Dark Daughters and Sons held their ceremonies every full moon; the stone floors of the ruins have gaps where beams once stood to support pedestals used for the candles in casting circles. Iron plates of different symbols were once hung all over the Tigh ne Nocht. Each dormitory had an early marker with the class emblems on them. There were also keystones, wall hangings, and illuminated manuscripts in the castle.