The Hanging Tree, also known as the Wishing Tree, Yggdrasil and Abellio, is a rowan and a hawthorn tree grown together and twisted together to form one tree. Hundreds of pieces of different fabric tied are tied to the branches of the tree. Each knot, each piece of cloth, represents a wish. Sometimes they're friends remembering those that have crossed over to the Otherworld, but mostly they're the wishes of lovers, tying their lives together and wishing for happiness. It's grown by the Fey and the roots are fed by passing alone their well wishes from the Otherworld to ours.

It was introduced to James Stark, Aphrodite LaFont, and Darius by Seoras MacUallis in Burned. When the trio arrive at the gate of The Isle of Skye along with a shattered Zoey Redbird, the motley crew are given access to The Isle of Skye, Queen Sgiach's island. On the walk to Sgiach's castle, Stark notices a weird tree.

A Quote From Burned Explaining the Hanging TreeEdit

And in front of all of it, like a beacon drawing travelers, was what looked like two trees twisted together to form one. From the branches of the strange joining, strips of brightly colored cloth were tied to it in a strange yet complementary contrast to its ancient, gnarled limbs.
The longer Stark stared at it, the odder it made him feel.
"I've never seen a tree like that, and why is all that cloth tied to it?" he asked.
Seoras braked, coming to a stop in the middle of the road. "'Tis a hawthorn tree and a rowan tree, grown together to make a hangin' tree."
When that's all the explanation he gave, Stark shot him a frustrated look, saying, "A hanging tree?"
"Yer education is sadly lackin', laddie. Ach, well, 'thon tree is a tree of wishes. Each knot--each strip of cloth--represents a wish. Sometimes it's parents wishin' for the well-being of a wain. Sometimes it's friends remembering those passed on to the next life. But most often it's wishes of lovers, tying their lives together and wishin' fer happiness. They're trees grown by the Good People, roots fed by passin' on their well wishes from their world tae urs."
"The good people?" Stark looked exasperated.
"The Fey--Fairies tae you. Do yie no know that's where the sayin' 'Tie the knot' comes from?"
"That's romantic," Aphrodite said, her tone--for once--totally devoid of sarcasm.
"Aye, wumman, if it's truly romantic, then it must be Scottish," said the Warrior as he put the Range Rover into gear and pulled slowly away from the wish-laden tree.
A coversation in Burned. Pages 192-193

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