Over 400

Hair Color:

Black and silver

Eye Color:



High Priestess of Death
Member of the Vampyre High Council (former)
High Priestess of the Tulsa House of Night
Vampyre Sociology professor at Tulsa House of Night
Member of the Tulsa House of Night Council

Relationship Status:



Neferet, Darkness


Air, Death



First Appearance:


Last Appearance:

There is a new High Priestess at the Tulsa House of Night, and she is Death.
— Thanatos, Destined.

Thanatos is a former member of the Vampyre High Council and the High Priestess of the Tulsa House of Night. Thanatos has affinities for Air and Death. She is introduced in Tempted.

History Edit

When she first became a High Priestess, she spent many hours in the palace archives by herself. She had no mentor as only one High Priestess with an affinity for Death is needed in Vampyre society.

She helps Aphrodite see where the souls of Zoey and Kalona have gone, and later, Stark explains the true situation to her. She returns in Destined as a sociology teacher at the Tulsa House of Night, being in charge of a special class for Zoey, Stevie Rae, Rephaim, Aurox, the 'nerd herd', and the red fledglings- as well as controlling the influence of Neferet. When Neferet's alliance with the white bull is discovered during the reveal ritual for Zoey's mother's death, Thanatos becomes the new High Priestess at the Tulsa campus. Straight after, Kalona gives her his Warrior's Oath, which she appears and names him the new Sword Master.


She is described as being thin, tall and pale skinned with long black and silver hair and eyes 'the colour of Night'.


Thanatos has an affinity for death; she has the ability to help spirits of the dead pass through to the Otherworld. She also has an affinity for air.

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