Spells and Rituals are an important part of life at any House of Night.

A Quote from The Fledgling Handbook 101Edit

Rituals are the heartbeat of vampyre society. They are how we exalt Nyx. They are also how we mark many aspects of our lives. Vampyre society has Major Rituals, which include but are not limited to moon phases, changes of season, group cleansings and protection, the death of a family member, the breaking of an Imprint, the celebration of Samhain, Yule, Beltane, and Eostre. Though rituals differ according to the talents, preferences, and the needs of each individual High Priestess, there are some aspects of Ritual that do not change. There is always a Circle cast before Ritual commences. When casting the circle, the High Priestess will always begin in the east and call air to her. She will then move clockwise, or deosil, around the circle, pausing in the south to call fire, west for water, north for earth, and finally moving to the middle to call spirit to complete the circle. Candles are usually lit in each of the five directions as the element is called. The following colors are used for the candles: air--yellow, fire--red, water--blue, earth--green, and spirit--purple.

Known Spells and RitualsEdit

Known Spells and Rituals ProfessorsEdit


  • Spells and rituals that deal with great emotions are never easy.
  • Death spells are particular tricky as Death rarely cooperates, even when if the person just wants to glimpse it versus embrace it fully.
  • Major Rituals drain the life energy from the High Priestess.
  • Midnight is the perfect timing to do a protection spell.
  • The simpler the spell, the less chance of confusion.
  • Most powerful protection spells are always tied to the High Priestess who casts them.
  • If the High Priestess relegated a part of her subconscious mind to hold the spell, the spell will eventually end.
  • Linking a spell to a High Priestess will drain her.
  • If a protection spell passes from priestess to priestess, it won't work as there is no stability.
  • Modern lighters should not be used in a Ritual evoking fire.

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