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High Priestess of the Vampyre High Council



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Shekinah is the High Priestess of the Vampyre High Council, thus the High Priestess all of the vampyres. She only appears in Untamed. She was born "a scant century" after the Burning Times, which happened in the seventeenth century. This makes her about four hundred years of age.

History Edit

Always an artist, Shekinah cast her own death mask as a fledgling. After she completed the Change, she placed the cast upon her face and felt a strange warmth against her forehead. After removing the mask, she was astonished to discover her newly filled crescent had etched itself into the plaster form.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is physically described as being tall and thin with mahogany skin, dark almond shaped-eyes, a long, straight nose, full lips and "impossibly long" black hair. that fell well past her waist in a heavy length of shiny black silk.  Her Mark is in the exact shape of the goddess figure which all adult vampyres have embroidered on their breast pockets. While most adult vampyres appear to be in their twenties, she appears to be in her forties.  She has an accent that makes her voice as rich as her skin.  Both Aphrodite and Zoey commented that she looks like the goddess Nyx.



She comes to the Tulsa House of Night due to the slayings of Professor Patricia Nolan and Professor Loren Blake. She commands that Neferet put a stop to the initiation of war between vampyres and humans. Shekinah's overwhelming presence seems to command respect, a fact made obvious when Zoey Redbird notices that Neferet's cool façade completely cracks when dealing with Shekinah.  She is killed by Neferet, Queen Tsi Sgili, at the end of the book she was introduced in, Untamed.

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