"I lost my sight when I was just a kid, right before my fifth birthday, but I seriously don't remember being able to see the insides of people.
— Shaylin Ruede in Destined.
Shaylin Ruede


"It" by Aphrodite





Hair Color:

Dark Brown

Eye Color:





North American Vampyre High Council Member
Nyx's Prophetess
Consort of Nicole

Relationship Status:

Taken by Nicole


Foster Mom




True Sight, Water


Tulsa House of Night



First Appearance:


Last Appearance:


Shaylin Ruede is the first fledgling ever Marked by Erik Night. She is also the first fledgling to ever be Marked with a red Mark. When Erik first meets her, she is blind. After her Marking, Nyx gifts her with True Sight, which enables her to see the "true colors" of people. She completed the Change in Redeemed. She is also a member of the North American Vampyre High Council and is the consort of Nicole. Currently, she and Nicole are living at the San Francisco House of Night.


Shaylin has long dark brown hair, brown eyes and is short for the rest of the fledglings and vampyres since she's younger because she is new at the Tulsa House of Night. Her adult vampyre tattoo resembles Hokusai's Great Wave, layered wave upon wave giving it the appropriate effect of having an aura.


Shaylin may have been blind since childhood, but she is definitely not weak or fragile and is headstrong and is not reluctant to tell people the truth.

She is also quite intelligent and intuitive since she quickly pretended to be losing conscious when she saw Neferet.

Early LifeEdit

Little is know about her past life, it was only mentioned that she lived with a foster mom. It had also been mentioned that she wasn't always blind since she talks about a fish she once saw and said it was before she was blind.


Erik NightEdit

Shaylin was the first vampyre that Erik ever Marked. He feels a special connection with her, but she is clearly uninterested and only thinks of him as a friend.


One night in the fledgling night quarters, Shaylin was crying in her sleep and Nicole went to comfort her. Shaylin was the only one NOT wary of Nicole being she was originally on Dallas' side. They had a nice conversation before Nicole suddenly kissed her. Nicole frantically apologized, but Shaylin turned it down saying that she thought the kiss was nice, in Revealed. Shaylin then asks for Nicole to sleep next to her that night.They are officially a couple in Redeemed.

Aphrodite LaFontEdit

Shaylin and Aphrodite got off on the wrong foot, in the beginning. Aphrodite clearly dislikes her, but they start to slowly reconcile and start to work together being both has a gift from the Goddess, Nyx. They become unlikely friends and allies.



When Shaylin arrives at House of Night, she meets Neferet and fakes passing out. When Neferet leaves, Shaylin calls her "Dead Fish Eye Lady", because her color reminded her of the eyes of dead fish she saw in a store before she turned blind. Aphrodite likes the nickname and starts using it. Shaylin also says that Shaunee's color is red and warm, while Dallas is red from hate. Shaylin also says that Erik's color is the color of mushy peas, which means that Erik has never had to work hard to get what he wants.

Shaylin is close to Erik Night, since he wants to make sure she is okay, blaming himself for Marking her Red. She is also rather friendly by the good red fledglings. Neferet has proclaimed that Shaylin was marked red, because she was "broken" (as implied by her being blind), and didn't have to die to become red.


Although she can't stand Aphrodite, they develop some type of connection via their powers. Aphrodite is able to better translate what Shaylin can see with her True Sight.  It is also revealed that has an affinity for water and seems to be able to control the weather too.


Shaylin is "employed" by Aphrodite to spy on Zoey Redbird and inform her about the High Priestess's disturbing change in colors. This leads to her eventually watching Zoey drink blood from Aurox. When Zoey finds out about this after overhearing Shaylin report back to Aphrodite, she becomes furious and attacks Shaylin with the Seer Stone's flaming power. Scared and ashamed of her actions, Shaylin returns to the basement prepared for the Red Fledglings during the daytime, when the others are asleep, and weeps. Nicole finds her after being woken up by the crying and comforts her, leading to her eventually kissing Shaylin, leading to a possible relationship between the two girls, confirmed later in Redeemed.


  • Shaylin lost her sight when she was a just a kid, right before her fifth birthday.
  • Shaylin has a foster mother.
    • Her relationship with her mother is not mentioned.
  • Shaylin is most likely bi.

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