This feather symbolizes that even though I've been afraid to be alone for a really long time, I want to be free of that fear.
Shaunee Cole in Destined


Shaunee Cole







Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Brown, almost black


North American Vampyre High Council Member

Relationship Status:

Taken by Erik Night


Mr. and Mrs. Cole




Neferet, Darkness, Dallas






Tulsa House of Night,




First Appearance:


Last Appearance:


Shaunee Cole is a fourth-former student in the Tulsa House of Night. She was Erin Bates' "Twin," a member of Zoey's Circle, and the Nerd herd. She completes the Change at the end of Redeemed.

About ShauneeEdit

Shaunee Cole is Fourth Former Blue Fledgling. She is up-to-date with the latest fashion trends just like her "Twin" Erin Bates. Shaunee is a member of the nerd herd and Zoey's Circle. She has an affinity for fire.

Her Friendship with Erin BatesEdit

Shaunee Cole and Erin Bates thought of themselves as "Twins". They arrived at the House of Night on the same day at the same hour and they both have the same cat who choose both of them. They were roommates and finish each other's sentences. Despite the difference in their appearance, they are thought of as twins by the entire House of Night because of their likeness. However, due to certain circumstances, Shaunee has decided to stop being a Twin, and start thinking for herself. She came to realise that in order to truly be part of the world she had to stop being wrapped up in being part of someone else.


Erik NightEdit

Shaunee has had a crush on Erik Night for a while, but Erik doesn't return her feelings due to his infatuations with Aphrodite, then Zoey, then Venus. However, at the very end, he sees her inner beauty and strength, previously clouded by her intense friendship with Erin, and falls for her. They end up as a couple.

Zoey RedbirdEdit

Zoey is Shaunee's High Priestess and close friend. They've been through some rough patches, but managed to fix things after things got rough.

Damien MaslinEdit

Damien is her close friend. The two have a very deep conversation after Shaunee is upset from her "twin"'s sudden change of character.

Aphrodite LaFontEdit

Aphrodite was originally her enemy, but once things got out of hand and they started to work together, they became unlikely friends (mostly frenemies). In Destined, they start to get along better and talk more frequently.


During the events later in the series, these two spend some time together and became friends even. Kalona's usual impatience with people is suddenly nonexistent around Shaunee. These two have grown to be friends.


Shaunee is a mix of American/Jamaican descent with long dark glossy waves, cappuccino with milk colored skin, and dark eyes.

She was the color of cappuccino (the kind you get from real coffee shops and not the nasty, too-sweet stuff you get from Quick Trip) and all curvy with pouty lips and high cheekbones that made her look like an African princess. She also had some seriously good hair. It was thick and feel in thick, glossy waves around her shoulders. Her eyes were so dark they looked like they didn't have any pupils.
Zoey Redbird about Shaunee


Shaunee has been gifted by Nyx with an affinity for fire. She has used her ability for many purposes such as:

  • As a light
  • To start a fire
  • Offensive purposes such as throwing fireballs
  • Create a warm heat
  • Warm water
  • Set ablaze to her candle when called to a circle
  • Summoning a red aura around herself
  • Not be burned by fire she conjures herself

Likes and DislikesEdit

Favorite BooksEdit

  • Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Kushiel's Dart by Jacquelin Carey
  • Beauty by Robin McKinley

Favorite TV ShowsEdit

  • Heroes
  • Nip/Tuck
  • America's Next Top Model

Favorite MoviesEdit

  • First two X-men (the third one sucked)
  • All of the Spiderman movies
  • and of course, 300


  • Nina Simone
  • Sting
  • Corrine Bailey Rae


Erin "Twin" Bates

Movie Star CrushEdit

  • Josh Hartnett


“Thanks for asking, Kalona, but no thanks,” Shaunee told him. “No one ever leaves a Council Meeting saying, ‘Wow! That was fun! I can’t wait to do it again!’”
— Shaunee Cole To Kalona in Redeemed.

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