What Shadowfax may have looked like with traditional Maine Coon coloring

Shadowfax is a Maine Coon cat who belongs to Professor Dragon Lankford.



Shadowfax is one of the cats who is waiting in Zoey Redbird's room as a sign that Professor Dragon Lankford is on their side and mentally rebelling against Kalona.


Shadowfax appears stands alongside Professor Dragon Lankford and Guinevere mourning Professor Anastasia Lankford's death by Raven Mocker, Rephaim.


Shadowfax is sacrificed by Neferet in the field house to claim control over Aurox. His body was burned in a stable fire, along with Guinevere, who died along side him of heartbreak. Later, their spirits appear as kittens over their bodies as Thanatos convinces them to travel to the Otherworld and find their vampyres.


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