A Red Fledgling is a Blue Fledgling that died because they rejected the Change. At first they are wild, feral, and crazy for blood. They had lost their humanity. But when Stevie Rae Changes into the first Red Vampyre, the undead fledglings blue crescent moon tattoos change to color of bright red and they get back their humanity. Red fledglings were created by Neferet a corrupt High Priestess at the Tulsa House of Night, who resurrected dead fledglings. After their death, these fledglings lost their humanity. As resurrected beings with no humanity, they would kill their victims instead of taking just a little blood from them. In Chosen, Zoey Redbird convinces Stevie Rae Johnson, a red fledgling, to come to the Tulsa House of Night to cast a circle and ask for the Goddess Nyx's healing and help. When the circle is being cast, Damien stands represents air; Shaunee represents fire; Erin represents water; Aphrodite represents earth and Zoey stands represents spirit. Stevie Rae gets angry that Aphrodite is in her spot and representing earth and attacks her during the circle casting, Stevie Rae bites Aphrodite, but tries to pull away Whilst Aphrodite holds her head in place, trying to redeem herself in Nyx's eyes by sacrificing herself. When Stevie Rae finally pulls away, her faded blue crescent tattoo has change the color of bright red and it's been added to. Stevie Rae Becomes the first and only Red Vampyre. After these events, everyone realises that Aphrodite does not have her blue crescent Mark any longer. She is no longer a vampire, but is also not a pure human because she still receives visions from Nyx. Once Stevie Rae's tattoo changed color and was added to, half of the tunnel fledglings faded blue tattoos in the Prohibition-era Tunnels had also turned bright, blood red and they regained ther humanity. However three known red fledglings, Nicole, Starr, and Kurtis, did not regain their humanity. Stevie Rae Johnson believes that they will soon make the choice of good over evil. In Tempted however, Dallas chooses Darkness and becomes the second male Red Vampyre. He easily becomes the leader of the rogue fledglings. (This article needs corrections.)



Zoey Redbird has sightings of both teenagers that died in Marked. Elizabeth No Last Name ran away from her, but Elliott tried to eat her, but with the help of Nala, he was scared away. Both sightings occurred at The East Wall at the Tulsa House of Night.  Zoey thought that she was seeing ghosts or she just imagined the sightings. 


The undead red fledglings are capturing and killing teenage human boys. The first two notable victims were Chris Ford and Brad Higeons from Union High School. Stevie Rae Johnsons body rejects the Change and dies under Zoeys first Full Moon Ritual . A third person, a teenager from Southern Intermediate High School, Heath Luck, Zoey Redbird's almost ex-boyfriend, is taken. Zoey uses her Imprint to locate Heath. She rides her horse Persephone to the underground Prohibition-era tunnels under a Tulsa building, about three miles from the school. She finds Heath and uses her affinity for the five elements to save him, killing Elizabeth (No Last Name) in the process, and exit the tunnels. But, before they can leave, Stevie Rae finds her and begs them to kill her. Zoey tells her no, that she believes Stevie Rae still has a piece of her humanity left. Zoey promises to come back to Stevie Rae to help her regain all of her humanity before leaving.


Stevie Rae Johnson becomes the first Red Vampyre. Zoey casts a circle and calls the elements to her and prays that they will help Stevie Rae. Stevie Rae is upset about Aphrodite LaFont standing in for the earth element. Stevie Rae attacks Aphrodite and bites her. Somehow, after a bunch of crazy events, Stevie Rae's blue crescent moon Mark turns red, fills in, and expands. Stevie Rae is the first Red Vampyre of her kind. She has undergone a whole new change.


Zoey has a plan to out the Red Vampyre, Stevie Rae, and her red fledglings. During the cleansing ritual preformed in front of the whole school, Zoey has Stevie Rae stand in for the earth element. The red fledglings are shown to everyone. Somehow, Neferet manages to blame Zoey for these creations. Stark is standing behind Neferet and she tells him to hit the mark and make the earth bleed! With her power, she commands him to do this and he shoots an arrow right into Stevie Rae's chest. The ground splits open and out comes Kalona. The red fledglings and blue fledglings, along with vampyres Erik Night and Darius, escape through the trap door in the east wall. They must call darkness around them and make themselves invisible. They get all the way to the Prohibition-era Tunnels under Tulsa and are safe there for now.


The red fledglings on the side of good are introduced to everyone. Zoey has a feeling that there's something wrong with them, but decides to ignore it. Stevie Rae hides the fact that there are still evil red fledglings.


Stevie Rae and the red fledglings are all moved to the Benedictine Sister's abbey. Stevie Rae Johnson tells the truth about the rouge red fledglings. The rogue red fledglings Nicole, Starr, and Kurtis plan to kill Stevie Rae when she next comes to visit them, but Rephaim saves her.


Stevie Rae Johnson and her group of red fledglings go against Nicole and her group of evil red fledglings. There are five fatalities.


Rephaim is told to watch the rogue red fledglings and see where they hide. He finds them walking into Will Rogers High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A new leader has come upon their group: Dallas, the red fledgling who chose Darkness and turned into an adult red vampyre.


The rogue red fledgling group is confronted by Neferet and Aurox in Destined. Neferet commands them to return to the Tulsa House of Night so that she can use them to create chaos. Erik Night becomes a tracker for the House of Night. The first person he Marks is a blind girl. Once he Marks her, she regains her vision and is gifted by Nyx with an affinity for "True Sight", the ability to see the true colors of a person's soul. She is the first red fledgling to be Marked red.


Dallas, the only evil Red Vampyre, begins to seduce Erin Bates, who is growing more and more distant from her friends.

Known Red FledglingsEdit

Red Fledglings Choosing GoodEdit

Red Fledglings Choosing EvilEdit

After the battle in Burned, there are nine remaining evil red fledglings that are unnamed.

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