Queen Sgiach


Great Taker of Heads

Ace (by Seoras) Mo bann ri (by Seoras)




More than 500

Hair Color:

White/Silver with a "cinnamon" streak

Eye Color:



Northern Scotland


Warrior Queen
High Priestess of the Isle of Skye

Relationship Status:



Mab - Cat


Darkness, Neferet


Old Magick



First Appearance:


Last Appearance:

Queen Sgiach is a vampyre High Priestess and Warrior Queen who resides on the Isle of Skye. She is first introduced in Burned when Stark, Aphrodite, and Darius try to fix Zoey's shattered soul. Her Oath Sworn Warrior is Seoras MacUallis.


Before the Vampyre High Council declared that Sons of Erebus training would be done at each House of Night, Queen Sgiach was once the trainer of the warriors. Queen Sgiach and the Vampyre High Council had many years of tension. When the training of the Sons of Erebus Warriors was taken from her, Queen Sgiach then cast a protected circle around the Isle so that no one can enter without permission.

Appearance Edit

She has white/silver hair with a single cinnamon colored streak and muscular, while still retaining her femininity.

Affinity Edit

Queen Sgiach is mostly known for being attuned to the Old Magick as well as the warrior ways -- can be assumed that those two things are what she is most gifted with by the goddess. Queen Sgiach claims her affinity is her island - she is unable to leave. In Burned, Aphrodite proclaims that Queen Sgiach can teleport on the Isle of Skye. She can disappear and reappear on the island like the shadows on the Isle of Skye.



Queen Sgiach allows Stark, Aphrodite, and Darius sanctuary on the Isle while Seoras helps Stark get to the Otherworld.


Queen Sgiach continues to offer Stark, Aphrodite, Darius, and Zoey sanctuary while Zoey and Stark heal from being in the Otherworld. In this book Queen Sgiach offers for Zoey to stay on the Isle of Skye, however Zoey refuses to see the issues that are going on back at home at the Tulsa House of Night.

Redeemed Edit

Queen Sgiach Skypes Zoey and helps her with her problems. Zoey notes that her hair was messy, there was dirt on her face, and when she looked a bit closer she could see a little bit of blood. Then later on in the book, it turns out that the White Bull was attacking them.

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