Hair Color:

Red blonde

Eye Color:



Literature professor at Tulsa House of Night

Relationship Status:



Vintage jewelry



First Appearance:


Last Appearance:

Professor Penthesilia took the name of the famous vampyre Amazon queen Penthesilia when she was Marked in the early 1920s. She prefers that students call her Professor P. and the written word is her first love. She teaches subjects ranging from classic literature to current bestsellers and popular fiction. She enjoys reading, hiking, and collects vintage jewelry. She has many memories of the Titanic, because, like Neferet, she was living in Chicago at that time.


Her tattoo is a series of thin, pretty Celtic knots that trace their way down her face and around her cheekbones. She has red blonde hair and hazel eyes.



Prof P appears when Zoey is in her literature class and says that she was living in Chicago when the Titantic sank.  In that same class, she berates Elliot for his poor attitude and work ethic. She is next seen at the Full Moon Ritual, where she was one of the four women used in the lighting of the elemental candles (as seen when she brings around one of the goblets to drink from, and only the women in the ritual had goblets), implying she has at least a slight affinity for one of the four elements. The next time she is seen, she is again teaching. In that class, Elliot rejects the Change and begins to die. She shows a more gentle side, as she is seen comforting him before Neferet and Dragon can get there. 


Prof P appears when Zoey is taking her lit class after coming back to the House of Night.  Like everyone else, including the professors, have become  "pod perople" as Shaunee and Erin have both pointed out.  Zoey notices that Prof. P is no longer the great literature teacher and is now giving out grammar worksheets. 

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