High Priestess of the Tower Grove House of Night
Member of the Tower Grove House of Night

Relationship Status:

Mate of Diana


One cat





First Appearance:

Dragon's Oath

Last Appearance:

Revealed (flashback)

Pandeia is the High Priestess at the Tower Grove House of Night. Nyx gifted her with an Affinity for Spirit.

History Edit

Pandeia has been the High Priestess of the Tower Grove House of Night for a longtime. She and her mate Diana welcomed Anastasia Lankford as a full professor at the House of Night and trusted her Spells and Rituals gift. She and her mate Diana gave Anastasia Lankford permission to cast the Drawing Spell in order to show the infatuated fledglings the true Dragon and later the Peace Spell.

Pandeia had been kind to Neferet and they spent some time together. Pandeia asked her if she could use her intuition to see if the humans in town were growing restless at the thought of their Full Moon Rituals. After Chloe was killed and Neferet was gifted an affinity for healing, Pandeia comforted her, telling her that she soothed Chloe's pain and she is in the Otherworld with Nyx. She also told her that she completed the Change into an adult vampyre.

Her CatEdit


What Pandeia's cat may have looked like

Pandeia's cat is a male gray tiger-striped cat. He is a polydactyl meaning he has six toes on each of her front paws.

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