The North American Vampyre High Council is the High Council made up of the Nerd Herd and in charge of all North American vampyres. It started at the end of Redeemed. Unlike the Vampyre High Council on San Clemente Island, the North American Vampyre High Council doesn't have stone thrones and have big rules about how everyone in the crowd should act. Instead, their “thrones” are stools with comfy padded seats that were decorated in the school’s plaid of purple, blue, and green on a black background. They also do not exclude humans from their High Council Chamber/auditorium. Part of the reason the Nerd Herd decided to create the High Council was they didn't want to shut themselves away from the outside world like the Vampyre High Council does.

The North American Vampyre High Council's first order of business was to send the High Council members out into the country, in the direction of their elements, visiting and integrating the North American Houses of Night, listening to the problems and concerns of normal, everyday vampyres and fledglings, as well as the humans who live in the nearby communities.



The Oath that each Council member takes binds them until they are dead or their first four-year term is up and the North American Houses of Night vote them back into their positions or vote for new members.

New times call for new places, faces.

Balance restored, we now look ahead.

Our tests were great, but we stayed true.

Our losses were great, but we came through.

Tonight we pledge to stand in the Light.

To lead with wisdom, love, and might.

Behold! The new High Council you see.

So we have chosen; so mote it be!