Nightkind Elementology is a theory created by the vampyre Polemy in 200 A.D. that corresponds an element to the date of a vampyre's Change. The attributes of the specific element are what molds and informs the maturing vampyre's character traits. For the select few who completed the Change during what Polemy titled "the ascension of spirit phase", then they are predominately ruled by Spirit, but will be influenced by the overlapping element.

If you Change during any of the following days spirit influences you,
but you will also be affected by whichever element it overlaps.
Spirit Elementology days are:
February 1, 2, 3 -- March 20, 21, 22
April 30 -- May 1, 2
June 20, 21, 22 -- July 31
August 1, 2 -- September 20, 21, 22
October 30, 31 -- November 1
A vampyre changed during spirit elementology days will tend to be:
a charismatic speaker, self-assured, highly intuitive, multi-talented, passionate, and intense.
If you Change between December 1st and February 28th, you are influenced by air.
A vampyre influenced by air elementology will tend to be: freedom-loving, idealistic, unfettered by small thinking, have excellent communication skills, be charming, unselfish, and noble.

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