What Nala may have looked like

Nala is Zoey Redbird's cat. Nala chooses Zoey in Marked while Zoey is over by the East Wall of the Tulsa House of Night.


Nala is described as a small orange cat with one white paw and having a pouch that looks "kinda marsupial." Nala is a small tabby actually. She also has a little white splotch above her nose.


Nala is a grumpy cat who is constantly "mee-uf-owing" about one thing or another. She is a devoted cat, but won't hesitate to remind Zoey who owns whom. She is very perceptive, often detecting strange creatures before Zoey does. Nala has been shown as brave as well, defending Zoey from several things, including a very not-human being who looks exactly like a kid who's supposed to be dead in Marked. Nala is also very cuddly!


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