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Mirain and her sister Una

Mirain was the co-founder of the The Dark Daughters along with Una. She was also the daughter of Queen Boudicca and sister of Una.

History Edit

Mirain and her sister Una was born to the courageous human queen Boudicca, queen of the Iceni tribe. To teach Bouddica a lesson, she forced her to watch as Mirain and Una were brutally raped. There was a battle between the Celts and the Romans which resulted in the Celts being defeated.

After the tragic battle, Mirain and Una were Marked. Weak and ill from being Marked outside the protective boundaries of a vampyre coven, they made their way to the Isle of Skye House of Night. There they grieved so fiercely for their mother that other fledglings had little hope their fledgling bodies would accept the Change and so the coven left the sisters to their mourning, almost as if they were afraid to catch their misery. Utterly alone and believing they were going to be forever heartbroken, they made their way to cliffs in an attempt to commit suicide. Then they heard Nyx's voice and urged them not to not to throw away their precious lives and comforted them. She gived them with an affinity for air. The air filled with them with the Goddess's love and as they accepted their new destiny, her compassion healed their broken hearts. For the first and only time in vampyre history, they completed the Change after being Marked so recently. There they made a sacred oath that they would never allow another fledgling to make them feel the lonely despair that almost cost them their lives and thus the Dark Daughters was born.

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