What Maleficent may have looked like

Maleficent is Aphrodite LaFont's hateful Persian cat.


She is a white Persian who chose Aphrodite while she was doing volunteer work with Zoey Redbird and Darius at Street Cats in Untamed. She is described as having a squashed face, like most Persians, and a rusty purr that skips a few beats and sounds like she's "full of hairballs."


  • She has a personality very similar to Aphrodite.
  • She is believed to be a purebred Persian cat.
  • Surprisingly, Beelzebub, the Twins cat, and Maleficent get along quite nicely, leading everyone to believe that hateful cats attract one another.
  • Aphrodite LaFont believes that Maleficent was "the sole survivor of a tragic accident" that forced her to move into Street Cats.