Only Appearance:

The Fledgling Handbook 101 (mentioned)

Lilith was a vampyre High Priestess on the Vampyre High Council and a Prophetess of Nyx introduced in The Fledgling Handbook 101Her Goddess-given affinity is spirit and the prophetic ability to envision the final threads of a vampyre's life.   She created the Vampyre High Council in the ninth century and it is unknown how she died.


Before the ninth century B.C., vampyres didn't gather as a society. Lilith emerged from the fertile region known as Mesopotamia. Using her goddess-given gifts, She called together the High Priestesses of every major vampyre coven, along with their consorts and warriors. She persuaded her sisters and brothers to form what she titled the Vampyre High Council, a ruling body that would be the center of all vampyre peoples. In it she, along with seven leaders of the major civilized vampyre covens, set about creating the standards of our unique and beautiful society, wherein women are held sacred, as is the worship of the Goddess, and men are appreciated and respected.

Lilith and the new Vampyre High Council debated for a long time about where they should make their home. They knew it had to be a place that was defendable from human invasion and exploitation, but it also had to be near a major seaway for travel and supply. Of course, it had to be place of beauty and wonder, something that soothed and nurtured their innate love of the earth and the magick of nature. Finally after much searching, they decided to make the Isle of Capri their home. In her own words, Lilith best described what the Isle of Capri was like, "The Amalfi Coast is a flower-filled garden labyrinth with Pompeii and and its sister Herculaneum at its exquisite entrance to its maze, enticing with coquettish charms for all to enter, and Capri is the glistening treasure at its center."