The Light is the opposite of Darkness. Light is personified by a black bull, while Darkness is by a white bull.

Physical description Edit

The Black Bull has a coat as black as a midnight sky and filled with the radiance of radiant stars. Stevie Rae describes the Black Bull as deep, beautiful and mysterious to behold.


When Stevie Rae Johnson accidentally invokes the Darkness in Burned, she invokes the black bull as well to try to stop the white bull. In payment to the black bull for defeating the white bull, Stevie Rae is bound to Rephaim, to love him for the rest of her life. Stevie Rae would agree to anything to stop the Darkness's wrath, so she agrees without thinking, but does not regret her decision later on.

Known People Embracing LightEdit

Blue VampyresEdit

Blue FledglingsEdit

Red VampyresEdit

Red FledglingsEdit


Humans on the Side of the GoddessEdit

Known People Who Have Turned from LightEdit

Blue VampyresEdit

Red VampyresEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The Black Bull is a manifestation of Old Magick.

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