Kevin Heffer




Tulsa, Oklahoma


Linda Heffer † (mother)
Paul Montgomery (father)
Zoey Redbird (older sister)
Barbara "Barbie" Heffer (older sister)
John Heffer (stepfather)
Sylvia Redbird (maternal grandmother)

Kevin Heffer, previously Kevin Montgomery, is Zoey Redbird's younger brother and the third child of Linda Heffer and Paul Montgomery. It is unknown what happened to him and Zoey's older sister after Linda's death, although it is likely they are still living with John.


  • Like his oldest sister, he "accepted" John into their lives and pretends to be happy with his new life.
  • He keeps violent video games hidden from his mother.
  • Kevin appears in the House of Night comic series Legacy, where he appears at a protest with John and Linda. Zoey visits him at the end of Earth and chases off several bullies picking on him, they then repaired their relationship.