In November 2011, it was announced that the film rights to House of Night had been acquired by producer Samuel Hadida's company, Davis Films.

Hi Guys!

There are lots of discussions going on about the HoN movie(s) since the series has ended, so I thought I'd post and put rumors to rest. Several years ago we agreed to option the series to the producer of Davis Films, Samuel Hadida. We liked his vision and his enthusiasm. The contract was for five major motion pictures. He hired a totally AWESOMESAUCE screenwriter, Marc Haimes. Marc and I collaborated on a treatment for the first movie, which is really just an in-depth outline. The treatment is fabulous! Then Marc wrote the script. IT IS MAGICKAL and has my absolute stamp of approval. BUT that's it. That's all the news I have. No, they haven't started casting. No, they haven't started filming. Yes, it is absolutely frustrating. NO, KRISTIN AND I DO NOT CONTROL THE PRODUCTION OF THE MOVIES (or TV shows or whatever they make), our producer does. So, what can you do? FLOOD THEIR SITE. TELL HADIDA TO GET THE MOVIES MADE. So, that's it. The end...for now.

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