The House of Night is a finishing school where fledgling vampyres go while they make the Change from fledgling to vampyre. It is very much like a high school or college wherein they have four levels ("grades" or "classes") before the fledglings complete the Change/graduation into an adult vampyre.

Known Houses of NightEdit

In the House of Night SeriesEdit

In the House of Night NovellasEdit

In The Fledgling Handbook 101Edit

  • Sydney House of Night
  • Thebes House of Night
  • Frankfurt (Haus der Nacht) House of Night
  • Himalayan Regional House of Night
  • Aberfoyle (Tigh ne Nocht) House of Night

Class RanksEdit

  • Third Former
    • Freshman year
    • First level of training
    • Third former symbol is the Labyrinth of Nyx symbolizing their start of the path of Nyx
  • Fourth Former
    • Sophomore year
    • Second level of training
    • Fourth former symbol is the wings of Eros symbolizing their continuous movement forward
  • Fifth Former
    • Junior year
    • Third year of training
    • Fifth former symbol is Nyx's chariot capturing the stars in her wake symbolising that the fledgling continuing on Nyx's journey. The stars represent the magic of the two years that have already passed.
  • Sixth Former
    • Senior year
    • Fourth and final year of training
    • Sixth former symbol is the silhouette of the Fates, the three daughters of Nyx and keepers of destiny and Atropos holds up a scissors, symbolising the end of school, or for the unlucky ones, the end of life.

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