House Rules are the rules at every single House of Night. These are the rules directly from the House of Night Website.


  • Rule #1:
    • If you’ve been Marked by a Tracker, night has chosen thee. You will go through the Change and turn into a vampyre. However, if your body rejects the Change, you die. (For more information: Rejecting The Change)
  • Rule #2:
    • If you are Marked, you must leave your home and move into the House of Night school, where you will take your place as a fledgling and live for four years.
  • Rule #3:
    • At the House of Night School, classes begin at 8pm and end at 3am. The gym is open until dawn.
  • Rule #4:
    • You can never be far from an adult Vampyre for long. And it’s not like you’ll turn into a pumpkin. It’s a much bigger deal than that. (For more information: Rejecting The Change)
  • Rule #5:
    • Formal rituals are held at Nyx’s Temple twice a week. At the ceremony’s commencement, turn to the east, south, west and north to summon (in order) air, fire, water and earth.
  • Rule #6:
    • If one of the cats at the school chooses you, you will belong to him or her. Not the other way around.
  • Rule #7:
    • Every High Priestess is given an affinity, or special powers, by the Goddess.
  • Rule #8:
    • If you ever leave school grounds, you cannot wear any part of your uniform (which is primarily basic black) and must conceal all tattoo markings.
  • Rule #9:
    • Here at the House of Night school, there are no lockers. You will have cabinets in your homeroom. If someone steals something, the vamps will know it. As will Nyx.

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