The Full Moon Spell is a spell to be performed during a full moon. The moon is a fabulous source of limitless magick and beauty, and can easily be used for spell work. Keep in mind that all moon magic should be done with a good heart, and always should be positive in nature.

On the night of a full moon fill a glass bowl with water (spring water or rainwater is best, but any kind of fresh water will do). Put the bowl of water outside and position it to where you can see the full moon reflected in its surface. Bend down and bathe both hands in the water. Hold your wet hands up to your temples and breathe deeply, concentrating on the beauty of the moon. Bathe both of your hands in the water again, this time cupping the water in your palms. Wash your face in the moon water as you fill your senses with its unique silver light. Then kiss the last of the water from your fingertips while you make a wish that a certain someone you would like to kiss will see you as beautiful, enchanting, and unique as the full moon. To end the spell pour the remaining water on the base of your favorite plant or tree.

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