Brother (by Kalona)




Ageless, Immortal

Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Warm hazel


Eons ago


Playmate and Friend to Nyx


Kalona (Brother)
Rephaim, Nisroc, Raven Mockers (Nephews)
Sky and Sun (Parents)




Protecting Nyx


Water (temporarily)
Air (temporarily)
Spirit (temporarily)



First Appearance:


Last Appearance:


Erebus is Nyx's Playmate, protector and also Kalona's brother. He is described as being similar to Kalona, except for having golden wings.

He appears in Hidden, talking to Kalona outside the Mayo Hotel. He also appears in Revealed, once in Dragon's office and again outside Nyx's Temple.


Erebus in the beginning was a content and respectful angel towards Nyx and his brother. He also was shown to be a little naive in Kalona's Fall. After Nyx casts Kalona out of the Otherworld, Erebus shows a side of compassion and loyalty towards his brother and asks Nyx to go after him and convince him to change, but she heartbreakingly declines.

Eons have past and Erebus' personality seems to have changed since his beginning. Erebus is very boastful of having Nyx for himself and won't miss an opportunity to remind Kalona of that. He also still shows his loyalty as he tries to carry out Nyx's wishes. Overall, Erebus has grown over many millennia in knowledge as well being he is not as naive as he was thousands of years ago.



Erebus was fashioned when the Sky kissed the Sun in order to satisfy Nyx's need and want for a playmate, warrior and a protector. He was created in order to be her playmate and protector, but his identical brother, Kalona, was also created to be Nyx's Consort and Oath Sworn Warrior. Erebus was never jealous of her relationship with Kalona, before he fell. Once Kalona fell, he became Nyx's Warrior. Nyx never seemed to love him as much as Kalona, but she still bonded with him in a way she never seemed to bond with Kalona.


Kalona is Erebus' identical brother, fashioned when the Sky kissed the Moon. Erebus originally was fond of Kalona, but was oblivious to the fact that Kalona didn't share the same brotherly feelings as Erebus once did. Kalona grew extremely jealous of Erebus' supposed relationship with Nyx, which lead to Kalona's fall. Erebus, many millennia later, now shares the same distaste of Kalona that his brother shared, and still shares, of him. Erebus won't miss an opportunity to boast about being Nyx's protector. Erebus pretended to despise him, but was actually his secret ally. However, this changes later in the series when Kalona decides to try and follow Nyx once again.

The Vampyre Species/Followers of NyxEdit

Little is known of Erebus' opinion about vampyres, but he was willing to try and stop Kalona from meddling with their affairs with Darkness, for Nyx's sake.

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