Enyo is a Blue Fledgling in the House of Night Series. Her name means "warlike."


She was, of course, blonde, but her long, flowing locks were more the color of waving wheat than gold. Although in the candlelight it was hard to be sure which cliché was a more appropriate description. And I still didn't believe she was a natural blonde.
Zoey Redbird's thoughts on Enyo in Marked. Page 158.

Name SakeEdit

We got the names from Greek mythology. They were the three sisters of the Gorgon and Scylla. Myth says they were born as hags who shared an eye, but we decided that was probably just bullshit male-dominant propoganda written by human men who wanted to keep strong women down.
— Enyo on the her's the her two friends' names to Zoey Redbird in Marked. Page 160.

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