Elizabeth No Last Name



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Student at Tulsa House of Night

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Tulsa House of Night



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Elizabeth No Last Name was a Blue Fledgling that attended the Tulsa House of Night. She was introduced in Marked as a classmate of Zoey Redbird's.


Elizabeth's human last name was Titsworth. One of the opportunities after a human is Marked and resides at a House of Night, he or she may change their name. Elizabeth knew she wanted to get rid of her horrid last name, but couldn't think up a new one. So, instead, she decided she didn't need one.


Elizabeth is first met in drama class when she converses with Zoey. Elizabeth doesn't make a huge deal out of her mark and agrees that Erik was checking her out, so Zoey immediately liked her. This led to her being hurt to find out from Stevie Rae that she had died. Elizabeth's body rejected the Change in Marked during fencing class.

Elizabeth was brought back by Neferet, and she resided in the Prohibition-era Tunnels with the other undead-dead fledglings. When Heath Luck was captured by them, Zoey Redbird found him and intended to rescue him. Elizabeth attacked Heath and Zoey had no choice but the zap her with some Fire magic to stop her attack and to convince the others not to attack Heath.

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