What Duchess may have looked like

Duchess is a large, blonde Labrador Retriever who belongs to James Stark.


Duchess is described as being a large, blonde, "bear-like" dog with a pink collared studded with spikes.


Duchess is a vampyre's best friend. She is a devoted dog with heart of pure gold. When her human, James Stark rejects the Change, she mourns just like a cat.


She transfers with James Stark from the Chicago House of Night to the Tulsa House of Night in Untamed. When opposition arises to her presence at the Tulsa House of Night, Stark says, "She's my version of a cat." This is later acknowledged when Stark dies and Duchess is seen "grieving just like a cat will who loses her vampyre" - by howling. After Stark's death, Jack Twist takes care of Duchess and becomes quite attached to her as she to him.

In Tempted, Jack offers to give Duchess back to Stark, however, Stark offers to share her, so that she belongs to both Stark and Jack. She is not mentioned in Burned.

However in Awakened, she is heard mourning over Jack's death by howling.