Drusus was a Blue Vampyre and a Sons of Erebus Warrior. He is also the Oath Sworn Warrior of Theodora.

History Edit

Drusus was once a slave and then a Roman soldier. His prowess in war had brought him great renown. One battle, in particular, had been celebrated and recorded; he had overcome a Celtic leader, purportedly powerful druid. He was once a nameless slave, he was allowed by his general to adopt the name of his slain foe. One day, he was Marked and entered Capri as a fledgling.

He fell in love with Theodora and struck a bargain with Brutus. He had Antonia moved into a small, opulent private apartment. He became the official courier between the two sisters which helped them shoulder their painful separation. He offered Antonia financial assistance which she accepted and opened a bakery. He was often seen traveling back and forth with gifts, scrolls and drawings from one sister to another. He stayed a respectful distance from Theodora. Antonia recognized the longing in his eyes when he produced a missive from Capri and held it an instant longer than necessary, simply to touch something of hers.

During the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Drusus rescued Antonia and in an attempt to restore her, he tore his wrists open and fed her his blood. He destroyed himself to try to save Theodora.

Physical description Edit

After the Change, his physique emerged as that of a young god. Muscular arms and legs met in a flawless torso, braced by wide shoulders and topped by a warm smile; arched brows framed eyes the color of the sea.

Personality Edit

He had a warrior spirit and was extremely devoted to Theodora. He was also a man of his word. He also cared about and protected Antonia.

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