Hair Color:

  • Brown (The Fledgling Handbook 101)
  • Blonde (comics)

Eye Color:

Blue (House of Night: Legacy)


Relationship Status:

Taken by Odysseus







First Appearance:

The Fledgling Handbook 101 (mentioned)

Last Appearance:

House of Night: Legacy

Circe was a High Priestess and member of the Vampyre High Council.


Circe was described as an extraordinary and widely recognized High Priestess. Nyx gifted her with an affinity for Water. She also Imprinted with the famous traveler, Odysseus, and inspired the building of Pompeii. She was so beautiful and alluring that ancient artisans crafted Pompeii to be “A jewel so exquisite it might aspire to adorn the bosom of Circe.”

She walked Nyx’s path and was so devoted to the Goddess that she could find the magic of Nyx’s touch in even the simplest of things. Humans feared her and labeled her witch and sorceress, creating an entire mythology about her long and magick-filled life. Vampyres adored her and called her goddess-blessed. When she passed over to the Otherworld, it is said the aquamarine blue of the Mediterranean surrounding Capri turned black for three days in mourning for her.

Odysseus and his men landed on her island and she offered them food and shelter in return in for a taste of his blood. He eventually agreed and Imprinted that night. She helped guide them back to their land safely and was later made a High Priestess. She then joined the Vampyre High Council on the Isle of Capri.

Of all Circe’s talents, vampyre historians agree that she was

Tumblr n76pmc7atB1qlmwtho2 1280

Circe performing the Capri Full Moon Ritual

most adept at drawing down the full moon. We know this to be true not just from vampyre legend. Today portraits of Circe performing Full Moon Rituals can be found gracing the walls of many national museums including the Louvre, the British National Portrait Gallery, and New York’s Museum of Natural History.

Perhaps one of the reasons Circe’s moon rituals were so extraordinary was that she had the ability to foretell the exact date the full moon would crest between the twin Faraglioni Rocks just off the southern coast of Capri. Of the Faraglioni, Circe wrote:

All around my rocky beauties the azure sea reigns supreme, caressing the Faraglioni with a salty kiss. One of my darlings appears sculpted as if by Nyx’s hand, with fantastic inlay tunneled through it’s core. The other juts proudly from the coast, like a sentinel Warrior - ever vigilant, ever aware. And when our Goddess, in the form of a glowing silver moon, is drawn between them, magick ensues…

Physical description

Circe was described as a beautiful and alluring vampyre. In the comics, she had blonde hair and blue eyes. Her vampyre tattoo was a nautilus, one of her favorite animals, inside the crescent.