The Chicago House of Night is located in Chicago, Illinois. It is the setting of the end of the novella Neferet's Curse. Currently, Stevie Rae and Rephaim are living at the Chicago House of Night. It is mentioned in Loved as Stevie Rae said the House of Night was having some growing pains. A few human art students take classes at the House of Night.


The Chicago House of Night has thick, high marble walls, which have been heavily enforced with an otherworldly magick that draws strength from the night, the moon, and the Goddess. Neferet describes the House of Night as palatial. There's also a sumptuous private infirmary and the bedchambers are beautiful and spacious. The gardens in the House of Night had been created to be fully enjoyed only after the sun sets. Night blooming jasmine, moon flowers, evening primrose, and lilies open to the moon and release a fragrance that is sweet and satisfying, that stretches on for acres. Dozens of fountains and statues are situated throughout the grounds, each of them illustrating a different version of the Goddess, Nyx. There's also a willow tree that curtains an area not far from a particularly beautiful marble statue of the Goddess, arms raised, lush body unashamedly naked. The House of Night and the grounds are surrounded by a white marble wall and wrought-iron gates. The House of Night is located in Grant Park. Students had access to a fleet of carriages and bicycles back in the nineteenth century.

Known StudentsEdit

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  • Aurora

From the Neferet's Curse NovellaEdit

Known ProfessorsEdit

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