The Cherokee are a Native American people who settled in the Southern United States. Sylvia Redbird, mother to Linda Heffer and grandmother to Zoey Redbird, is of Cherokee blood and is very in touch with the ancient ways of her ancestors. The Cherokee language and culture have an important place in the House of Night Series. On several occasions, there are purification spells cast and smudging with a smudge stick and lighting a Full Moon Protective Candle. Crushed turquoise is used in defense against Raven Mockers. The Cherokee believe in Medicine Men, along with healing through the earth. Sylvia Redbird likes to refer to Zoey Redbird as u-we-tis-a-ge-ya, or daughter.

Cherokee History in the House of Night SeriesEdit

In ancient times, the Cherokee people were tortured by Kalona, a fallen, evil immortal. He raped the women of the tribes and enslaved the men. Products of the many rapings were the beings known as Raven Mockers. The raven mockers have an evil, immortal side from their father, but they also have a sweet, caring, Cherokee side from their mothers. There is only one raven mocker who ever decided to detach himself from the path of his father and follow the path of the goddess, Nyx. That raven mocker is Rephaim; with help from Stevie Rae Johnson, he chose his humanity.

Known People with Cherokee BloodEdit

Cherokee Words Used in the House of Night SeriesEdit

  • Tsi-lu-gi
    • Welcome
  • U-we-tis-a-ge-ya
    • Daughter
  • U-s-ti
    • Little
  • Do-tsu-wa
    • Redbird
  • U-s-ti Do-tsu-wa
    • Little Redbird
  • U-we-tis-a-ge-ya v-hna-i Sv-no-yi
    • Daughter of Night
  • Tsi-ta-ga-a-sh-ya
    • Rooster
  • Inole
    • Air
  • Egela
    • Fire
  • Ama
    • Water
  • Elohine
    • Earth
  • Wa-do
    • Thank you
  • Gv-li-e-li-ga
    • I am thankful
  • A-ya
    • Me
  • Uh
    • Yes
  • Sool-lee
    • Buzzard
  • Tsu-ka-nv-s-di-na
    • Bull
  • Ane-li-sgi
    • Death caused by the mind of a powerful being

Other Important Cherokee WordsEdit

  • a-da-nv-do or a-do-nv-do
    • Spirit

To Learn More About Cherokee LegendsEdit

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