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Father Charles de Beaumont






Évreux, Normandy, France

Relationship Status:









Fire magic



First Appearance:

Lenobia's Vow

Last Appearance:

Lenobia's Vow

Charles de Beaumont, Bishop of Évreux is a character in the House of Night novella, Lenobia's Vow.


The bishop of Évreux looks very old and very ugly, as seen in the pictures accompanying his chapters in Lenobia's Vow.


The bishop seems so nice and pleasant to the public eye, he is actually a cold and heartless man, practicing evil magic, holding mistresses, and raping young children, boys and girls alike.

In Lenobia's VowEdit

He is the bishop of Cathédrale Notre Dame d'Évreux in Évreux, Normandy, France. He is shown as a snotty, horrible, disgusting man wrongly placed in the seat of bishop. In his first chapter he is shown having his way with a prostitute in the church. When the archbishop of Paris, Antonie le Clerc de Juigne, pays a visit to Charles, he tells him he is being removed from the cathedral and is being shipped to New Orleans in America.
He is shipped to America on the very same boat that Lenobia is on. After a few days, he recognizes her and says he will have his way with her soon, whether she likes it or not. Sister Marie Madeleine Hachard saves her a few times and so does Martin. During a praying ceremony, Charles sets Sister Marie on fire, burning her to death. The only witness was Lenobia. Lenobia stayed in her cabin for the last few days of her journey to avoid him. This works, until they arrive in New Orleans.
When they arrive in New Orleans, he tries to burn Lenobia to death with his fire magic, but Martin saves her, sacrificing his own life to kill the bishop.



Charles couldn't tell if the child was going to cry or explode. Either would amuse the priest.
— Thoughts of the bishop in Lenobia's Vow. Page 18.

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