The Benedictine Sisters are a religious group in the House of Night Series. They believe that Nyx is just another form of The Virgin Mary. They have run Street Cats in Tulsa, Oklahoma for two years when they are introduced in Untamed.

House of Night SeriesEdit


The Sisters are first introduced. Sister Mary Angela accepts Zoey's proposal of volunteer work. When Sylvia Redbird is injured in a car crash caused by a Raven Mocker, the hospital the she is put it in is Catholic. The hospital will not allow a Medicine Man, a Cherokee healer, in to sit with Sylvia Redbird, so Zoey asks Sister Mary Angela to sit and protect her.


The Sisters' abbey is the place of power that Night, Spirit, Blood, Humanity, and Earth come together and banish Kalona and Neferet by blessing them.


The Sisters' open up their abbey for Zoey's group and Stevie Rae's group.

Known Benedictine SistersEdit

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