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Bull Boy (by Aphrodite)



Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Moonstone (white or very light blue)


He was created near Sylvia Redbird's home


Neferet's servant, Student at Tulsa House of Night

Relationship Status:







Finding himself


Able to turn into a bull when enraged


Tulsa House of Night


He can turn into a bull (exposed),
He was created by the death of Linda Heffer (exposed),
He is Heath Luck incarnated (exposed)



First Appearance:


Last Appearance:


Aurox is a being created by Darkness for Neferet in Awakened. He must be created with the sacrifice of a woman who has deep ties to the earth. Neferet uses an imperfect sacrifice, Linda Heffer. This imperfect sacrifice gives room for Nyx to place a soul inside the Aurox. Heath Luck is the person she gives the offer to. Heath knows if it will help Zoey Redbird, the love of his life, he will do anything. Neferet is unaware that her Aurox is imperfect. Will his humanity be his savor? Find out in Destined.


He was beautiful, an utterly gorgeous young male. Tall, and strong, and perfectly formed. The average person would see no hint of Darkness about him. The skin that covered his might muscles was smooth and blemish-free. His hair was long and thick and the blond of summer wheat. His features were perfect--he was flawless in his façade.
— Aurox from Neferet's point of view in Awakened. Page 281.
It was then that Aurox began to change. Even though Rephaim watched it happening he could hardly comprehend it. Its body became bigger, thicker. It grew horns. Its fists solidified. Its skin rippled, shifted, pulsed as if something beneath was trying to come forth. [...] The transformed creature bellowed and leaped, trying, futilely, to knock them from the sky. When he crashed back to earth, his massive cloven hooves biting into the winter grass, he turned blazing moon-colored eyes on Rephaim.
— Aurox from Rephaim's point of view in Destined. Page 48.
A boy stood there--a beautiful, blond boy who had eyes like moonstones and a face like an angel.
— Aurox from Zoey Redbird's point of view in Destined. Page 50.

In the House of Night SeriesEdit

In AwakenedEdit

The Darkness offers a gift to Neferet: if she will sacrifice "a woman who has ancient ties to the earth, passed to her through generation upon generation of matriarchs" (Cast 264), then the Darkness will provide Neferet with a Vessel to do her bidding. Initially, Neferet intends to use Sylvia Redbird as a sacrifice. When she goes to Sylvia's home, she does not find Sylvia, but her daughter, Linda Heffer. Neferet decides to use Linda as the sacrifice, despite the Darkness's words of caution that she may be an imperfect sacrifice. As Neferet is carrying out the ritual, Nyx witnesses her. Nyx is able to tamper with the Vessel, considering Neferet used an imperfect sacrifice. Nyx finds Heath Luck in the Otherworld and asks him if he would like to be the soul she puts into the Vessel. When he learns that the Vessel is meant to harm Zoey, Heath says "I want to be put in the Vessel," in an attempt to stop the Vessel. The Vessel is successfully created, with Heath's soul inside of it. Neferet names him Aurox.

In DestinedEdit

He is pretty much just a killing machine at this point, until, at the ritual gone wrong, near the end of the book, he kills Dragon and says "No!" Aurox said. "No." He looked from the Sword Master’s battered body and his gaze found me. "Zoey! I chose a different future. I did!"

He contains Heath Luck's soul, thus meaning that he's not fully evil. As Zoey Redbird looks through her Seer Stone, she sees Heath shine out of Aurox just before he charges her. But then, Zoey finds she is not afraid and just simply says he won't hurt her--and she was right. He charged at her, but he swerved off at the last second, running off into the woods instead. He was not seen again until Hidden.

In HiddenEdit

A vessel for Darkness created with Linda Heffer's death. Because of the sacrifice's weakness, Nyx is able to insert Heath's soul inside, which almost gives him a form of humanity. Aurox feeds off of Darkness, fear, and other negative feelings, which cause him to turn into a bull. He is extremely powerful, and in Destined, Neferet makes the attempt to pass him off as a gift from Nyx. This fails however, when he kills Dragon and almost kills Rephaim. Although he has no memories of his past life as Heath, he can't help but feel sympathy and care for Zoey. In one example, Aurox offers Zoey a Kleenex when she begins to cry, something Heath would always do for her. His connection to her is shown again when he accidentally said her name when being intimate with another fledgling.

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