Artus was a highly respected Warrior with the Sons of Erebus. His body was covered with violent scars and signs of battle. Artus secretly had masochistic and sadistic elements to his nature shown by his harsh sparring with his fellow Warriors and volunteering to be on patrol at midday when the sun was brightest and most painful for a vampyre. He kept this side of himself a secret by not giving his Oath to any priestess and by having sexual relations only with human prostitutes. The only thing vampyres understood about Artus was that he was too serious, too aloof but did his job better than any vampyre in the world.

Neferet, using her empathetic abilities, saw Artus's true desires and needs and was extremely attracted to his love of violence and pain. At first he rejected Neferets attempts at seduction out of hand but as she used her abilities to glimpse more of Artus's personality her attempts finally succeeded. In the midst of this coupling Neferets Oath Sworn Warrior and lover Alexander interrupted them to his horror and shock. Artus was witness to Neferet's cruelty and mocking of Alexander at this moment. After Alexander's suicide and Neferet's lies about its circumstances Neferet went back to Artus expecting to finish what they started but to her surprise Artus politely but firmly rejected her. Neferet used her power to realize his disgust of her. She blackmailed him into keeping his silence, threatening to reveal his need for punishment to the High Council as such a nature would surely be viewed as unsuitably affecting his duties. Artus told her she was utterly devoid of compassion but kept his silence out of fear. Artus's body was found floating in the Grand Canal a year later. There had been no sign of violence on his body, only his many scars. Apparently, he had drowned himself but Neferet's involvement is likely but ultimately ambiguous.

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