In MarkedEdit

Zoey disliked Aphrodite's mean girl attitude and considers her a bully from the start, and Aphrodite was jealous of all the attention Zoey received because of her mark, resulting a feud between the two.

In BetrayedEdit

While sitting in the school's cafeteria, Zoey can't help but feel bad for Aphrodite after Deino, Enyo and Pemphredo abandoned her and left Aphrodite sitting all by herself; despite Stevie Rae mentioning of Aphrodite's false use of her position as the former leader of the Dark Daughters. During parent's visitation day Zoey accidently witnesses Aphrodite's mom confrontation with Aphrodite for losing her status as the leader of the Dark Daughters, going as far as slapping her. Aphrodite warns Zoey about Neferet not being what she wants people to believe she is. At first Zoey doesn't believe or trust her at all, but once she sees Neferet drinking from the supposed dead Elliott, she ironically realizes Aphrodite is the only one she can talk to about this. She also receives help from Aphrodite about her visions of Sylvia Redbird's death and Zoey manages to stop it. The two are not considering each other friends but they're no longer despite each other like they used to.

In ChosenEdit

They become closer and they talk more freely with each other. Aphrodite also supports Zoey after her friends find out about her being with Professor Loren Blake and not telling any of them.


  • As revealed in Burned, Aphrodite sees Zoey as the sister her mom was too selfish not to give her.
  • Nyx told them they would walk the same path in life.

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