Antonia was the sister of Theodora

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Antonia and her sister Theodora were born to a Pompeiian slave and were once slaves to a slave owner named Brutus. Together, Antonia and Theodora complemented each other rather than competed. Smiles followed the children as they went about tasks in the quarters; their dark, glossy ringlets bounced together and apart as they shared secrets and laughter. More glances came their way as they matured into young women. She did not hide behind Theodora, she balanced and reflected her, at times even joining her antics or scrambling to catch up. The kitchen often sent her to the market for the best produce and meat. The butcher was known for his stinginess and she always complimented him with respect, gratitude and acknowledgment of his experience.  

One fateful morning, Theodora was Marked and she curled around her. Hours later, she wore a glazed expression and stared into nothingness as if she was in trance, flanked by servants. At one point, a cook had to check her pulse to make sure she was still alive. She was moved into a small, opulent private apartment. Drusus became the official courier for the two sisters which helped shoulder their painful separation. Antonia accepted the financial assistance of Drusus and opened up a bakery, down the street from the besotted butcher.  

When Theodora completed the Change, she and Antonia were finally reunited. She waited at the dock for Theodora's ship to arrive. When Theodora finally arrived, she flung herself at her and was laughing, embracing each other. That night, it was the Festival of Vulcanalia and Drusus held a lavish party to honor Antonia and Theodora.  

During the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Antonia was tied to an altar with a bull statue toppled across her, but still alive. Drusus was able to free her. She had broken ribs and back, crushed hips and ash coating her lung weakening her every minute. Theodora was lying next to Antonia when she died.  

Physical description

Theodora has dark hair and black, sooty eyes surrounded by glowing olive skin. She also has a delicate nose and full lips that framed pearly white teeth. She was also described as exceptionally beautiful. Living in daylight, her features etched and her body had a fullness not seen in young vampyres.


Antonia was calm, soothing and her kind, her nature healed and comforted. She had a quiet, melodious voice that made her songs achingly sweet.