Oath Sworn Warrior to Neferet

Relationship Status:

Taken by Neferet


Fighting, Summer Games


Sword Master


New York House of Night (former)
Tower Grove House of Night



First Appearance:


Last Appearance:


Alexander was Neferet's first Oath Sworn Warrior. He pledged himself to her shortly after she became an adult vampyre (early 1900s). He was a winner of the Summer Games as a Sword Master.

Relationship with NeferetEdit

Neferet, as the youngest High Priestess present, was the one who delivered his ceremonial kiss of victory after his win at the Summer Games. After this, Alexander became infatuated with her. He transferred from the New York House of Night to the Tower Grove House of Night to be with her. Shortly after he arrived, he presented Neferet with a polydactyl black kitten. (Polydactyl cats have a physical anomaly that causes them to have more than the usual five toes per paw). She named this kitten Claire. In this way he kept her attention longer than usual in comparison to her other lovers.

Alexander believed Neferet felt as strongly about him as he did about her. However, she actually found his devotion clingy, irritating and boring. She did not do anything to reveal her lack of feelings or even respect to Alexander.

Neferet received an unusual invitation to the Gathering at San Clemente Island. Alexander accompanied Neferet to the gathering. On their way there, the carriage was attacked by six men. Alexander, being a Sword Master, brutally killed all of them. Neferet and Alexander made love in the carriage. Afterwards, Alexander swears himself to Neferet and she accepted in the midst of afterglow. She regreted accepting his Oath a day later. Unknown to Alexander, Neferet used her empathic abilities to suppress the natural psychic bond between an Oath Sworn Warrior and his protected. He was fooled into believing that her abilities instinctively suppressed the bond, rather than it being a conscious effort by Neferet. After a few days at the island, Neferet starts attempting to seduce a man named Artus. Alexander walked in on Neferet when she finally seduced Artus. At that moment Neferet finally let the psychic barriers she had placed between them fall and Alexander is battered by her true feelings. His heart is broken. A day later, he committed suicide, mostly likely out of sadness, heartbreak, and anger. When his death is made public Neferet paints Alexander as a disturbed and emotionally unstable man, whom she only accepted as her Oath Sworn as an attempt to heal him. Neferet convinces all of her blamelessness and wins universal sympathy from the vampyre community. Only Artus knows the truth and is blackmailed into silence until he dies a year later.

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